Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Justice for Patrick - Dog Thrown Away As Garbage - Still Alive

Hello, everybody,  we are all so thankful that Patrick was rescued, and grateful that he has survived and is experiencing loving care.  I am sharing what I just received, which some of you may have received today, and when it is updated we can all participate in seeking JUSTICE FOR PATRICK!  In the meantime maybe we can still contact the Judicial system and District Attorneys, and prosecutors, to insure that this never happens to another dog.   Justice must be served by obtaining serious punishment for this vile perpetrator, who heartlessly tortured and starved a sweet and precious dog and threw him out and down a several-story garbage chute to land in filthy garbage, to die.  Also, it is only by conviction and sentencing of such fiends as this woman that other abusers learn that there is a heavy penalty paid when someone abuses the helpless.

Kisha Curtis  starved and tortured Patrick to a skeleton,  then wrapped him in a plastic garbage bag and put him down the garbage chute
a garbage man felt something moving, and there was Patrick barely alive.  Rushed to the vet, on life support, read the rest on links below. http://www.ahscares.org/showarchive.asp?id=772

This just came in, and to make it short it allows us to spring into  action
now for Patrick.  Now we talk the talk, and we send out our pleas  for
justice, we make calls to demand justice, and this we do for Patrick and for 
all abused and tortured helpless animals.  We celebrate the charges, and we 
now become an army of warriors to insure that the Prosecutors do their jobs

*************UP-DATE as of  11:59.m***************

The County prosecutors office just called with an  up-date.  The following
charges have been filed against Kisha  Curtis.

1) Failure to give food or water -  Public Law 4:22-B1
2) Neglect - 4:22-17 B2
3) Abandonment - Public Law 4:22-20

Kisha Curtis will be incarcerated. Arraignment will take place possibly 
tomorrow but most likely Thursday. Bail is set at $10,000.

For NOW the County Prosecutors office is  handling the case however; it has
NOT been determined if they will take the case  on.

WHAT is needed from  YOU:  Letters.  PLEASE send your letters which will be
presented to the judge at the time  of sentencing.
***YOUR  letters will make a difference in Kisha Curtis sentencing*** lets
make  sure she gets the MAXIMUM penalty allowed by  law!

FAX LETTERS TO:  973-242-4901  or 973-621-4560 
Regarding: Kisha Curtis case

Phone calls are NOT the same as letters. They need it  in writing!  I
cannot stress this enough. PLEASE send in your letters  TODAY.  Do it now, do it
for  Patrick.

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