Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Justice for Patrick - Dog Thrown Away As Garbage - Still Alive

Hello, everybody,  we are all so thankful that Patrick was rescued, and grateful that he has survived and is experiencing loving care.  I am sharing what I just received, which some of you may have received today, and when it is updated we can all participate in seeking JUSTICE FOR PATRICK!  In the meantime maybe we can still contact the Judicial system and District Attorneys, and prosecutors, to insure that this never happens to another dog.   Justice must be served by obtaining serious punishment for this vile perpetrator, who heartlessly tortured and starved a sweet and precious dog and threw him out and down a several-story garbage chute to land in filthy garbage, to die.  Also, it is only by conviction and sentencing of such fiends as this woman that other abusers learn that there is a heavy penalty paid when someone abuses the helpless.

Kisha Curtis  starved and tortured Patrick to a skeleton,  then wrapped him in a plastic garbage bag and put him down the garbage chute
a garbage man felt something moving, and there was Patrick barely alive.  Rushed to the vet, on life support, read the rest on links below. http://www.ahscares.org/showarchive.asp?id=772

This just came in, and to make it short it allows us to spring into  action
now for Patrick.  Now we talk the talk, and we send out our pleas  for
justice, we make calls to demand justice, and this we do for Patrick and for 
all abused and tortured helpless animals.  We celebrate the charges, and we 
now become an army of warriors to insure that the Prosecutors do their jobs

*************UP-DATE as of  11:59.m***************

The County prosecutors office just called with an  up-date.  The following
charges have been filed against Kisha  Curtis.

1) Failure to give food or water -  Public Law 4:22-B1
2) Neglect - 4:22-17 B2
3) Abandonment - Public Law 4:22-20

Kisha Curtis will be incarcerated. Arraignment will take place possibly 
tomorrow but most likely Thursday. Bail is set at $10,000.

For NOW the County Prosecutors office is  handling the case however; it has
NOT been determined if they will take the case  on.

WHAT is needed from  YOU:  Letters.  PLEASE send your letters which will be
presented to the judge at the time  of sentencing.
***YOUR  letters will make a difference in Kisha Curtis sentencing*** lets
make  sure she gets the MAXIMUM penalty allowed by  law!

FAX LETTERS TO:  973-242-4901  or 973-621-4560 
Regarding: Kisha Curtis case

Phone calls are NOT the same as letters. They need it  in writing!  I
cannot stress this enough. PLEASE send in your letters  TODAY.  Do it now, do it
for  Patrick.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

UPDATE! 2012 Ballot Initiative (Ohio Dog Auctions Act) - APRIL 2 PEACEFUL RALLY

Dear Companion Pet Lovers ~


According to statistics released at the close of 2010, Ohio now ranks SIXTH (up from seventh in 2009!) among the top 10 states with the most USDA 'Class A' licensed commercial breeders!

The Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions remains steadfast in their commitment to send a strong message to state legislators that dog auctions serve as a major distribution channel for buyers and sellers from 15 states, many of whom have long standing repeated violations of the Animal Welfare Act and/or have been convicted of animal cruelty!  

As Ohio voters and taxpayers, we are committed to supporting a ballot initiative to ban these events from our community!   We need everyone's commitment to collect a minimum of three petitions of signatures from registered Ohio voters by December 1, 2011!  Contact me to send you the petition forms by email!


Following our very successful rallies in Millersburg (May 22 and August 21) and Charm (September 25, November 20 and January 15), we're ready to stand united against the Ohio Dog Auctions in Holmes county!

Sat., April 2, 2011

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Millersburg Courthouse
1 East Jackson Street
Millersburg, OH 44654

SPECIAL NOTE!  Supporters will meet at the entrance to the Holmes County Fairgrounds (8381 State Route 39 West, Millersburg, OH) at 9:45 AM , then drive as a caravan to the rally location!

Since April 2 could bring rain and some cold temperatures, be sure to dress accordingly!

Please remember that many farmers and dog fanciers - hobby and show breeders - are supporting the Ohio Dog Auctions Act, and they will be present at this rally. Our focus is the Ohio Dog Auctions and their relationship to puppy mills and pet homelessness, so please ensure your signs reflect this message!

The Ohio dog auctions serve as a major distribution channel for buyers and sellers from 15 states, many of whom have long standing, repeated violations of the Animal Welfare Act and/or have been convicted of animal cruelty.

Here's just one example taken from a USDA inspection report for an Ohio 'commercial' breeder who profits from these dog auctions:

"One licensed breeder in Ohio, with no veterinary qualifications, operated on a pregnant dog without anesthesia; the breeder delayed calling a veterinarian and the dog bled to death. The inspector also found that 40 percent of the (200) dogs in the kennel were blind due to an outbreak of Leptospirosis. The inspector determined that the facility’s water was contaminated and had caused the outbreak."

We know many of you are busy with family and friends during the spring season. Unfortunately, the puppy mill dogs who will be bought and sold during this auction have no reprieve against the abuse and neglect which occurs 24/7.

We know that peaceful rallies are an important component in our strategy to ban Ohio dog auctions!  It worked in Wisconsin (supporters from that state consistently had 50 attendees - even when weather was below zero - at every rally), and we are confident it will work in Ohio!  


Given the tremendous outpouring of support following Dr. Nancy Kay's excellent article on dog auctions, we are encouraging everyone to write to the following elected officials asking them to support a ban on Ohio dog auctions.  Emphasize that you will not be spending any dollars in Holmes County until this event no longer takes place in their community! 

1. Holmes County Commissioners (Joe D. Miller, Ray Eyler and Robert L. Ault) 
2 Court Street, Ste 14Millersburg, OH  44654-2001   Phone: 330-674-0286Fax: 330-674-0566E-mail: hcc@co.holmes.oh.us

2. Governor John KasichContact: http://governor.ohio.gov/ShareYourIdeas.aspx

Again, we greatly appreciate everyone's support and dedication to our campaign!  Thanks for continuing to serve as a strong voice for the dogs!

P.S. We invite you to join the over 2,270 voices who have become members of our Face Book group, Ohio Voters against Puppy Mills and Dog Auctions.   Membership is FREE, and our portal serves as a great vehicle in which to receive timely updates on issues and campaigns addressing Ohio dog auctions, puppy mills and the entities that support and keep them in business.  For more information on how you can become a member, please click here.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Animal Welfare Groups are Leading Efforts to Rescue Japan's Animals

(CNN) -- While rescue workers continue to search for human survivors in the rubble of buildings destroyed by Japan's earthquake and tsunami, animal welfare groups are leading efforts to rescue Japan's animals.

Read the rest of the story here: http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/03/17/japan.animal.rescue/